Choosing Hop plants for your Garden

These little pots of soil may not look very exiting now… but just you wait!

Now is the time to order and plant Hop Plants!

Come early Summer, these beautiful green climbers are a wonderful addition to the country garden, twirling up pergolas or decorating wall areas – if you plant pre-April they will establish themselves for good growth in their first year.

All Castle Farm Hop Plants are sent out bare-rooted and certified disease-free, complete with their own plant passports. They will arrive with full growing instructions.

You can also purchase potted hop-plants from outside the shop on Castle Farm.

Why Grow Your Own Hop Plant?

Growing hops at home gives you a reliable, seasonal supply of fresh hops. You can use hops for home brewed beer, or steep them in boiling water for a refreshing cup of tea. Hops are also nutritious and a fantastic addition to your diet.

You can cook young hops sprouts or eat the leaves, which lend themselves well to many vegetable dishes (we recommend them sautéed in garlic butter).

Growing hops is also a great hobby – pruning, watering and harvesting your hops can be an immensely satisfying and fulfilling activity. The vines look beautiful throughout the summer, with pretty leaves and delicate hop flowers come late August / September.

What variety should I buy?

The most popular commercial varieties for decorative use in gardens or for home-brewing are Fuggles (a well-known brewing variety with a large showy hop flower) and Wye Challenger (good for lager-type beers, with a mass of smaller compact flowers).

Fuggles is excellent for sleep pillows, Wye Challenger is perfect for decorative use. Both these varieties will grow to about 5m (15 – 16ft) in height in a season, once established.

For smaller gardens or for growing along fences, we recommend Prima Donna – a dwarf variety growing to about 2.5m (8ft) and with brewing characteristics similar to Wye Challenger.

From our Online Shop:

We have a larger variety of bare-rooted Hop Plants available online: Fuggles, Wye Challenger, Goldings, Cascade, Chinook, Prima Donna (Dwarf) and Golden Tassels (Dwarf). 

From the farm shop:

You can purchase potted Hop varieties including Fuggles, Wye Challenger and Prima Donna. All other varieties are available by special request – please call Phil on 01959 523219 to reserve your choice.

ALL OUR PLANTS ARE CERTIFIED DISEASE-FREE – an important consideration when buying hops which can be susceptible to soil-borne viruses. All plants come with a Hop Plant Passport to showcase their quality and traceability.

String your Hops

To plant your hop, you should also purchase some of our Natural Coir Hop Twine (String) – used for centuries for growing hops. Also great for all other garden jobs and very handy in the vegetable patch. Buy online here.

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