Turkey? Goose? Gammon? Christmas Dinner is served

We can provide you with succulent beef, tasty turkeys, gorgeous geese and superb smoked gammon – there’s a wonderful range of Christmas fully-traceable seasonal meats to treat your family.

Pre-order your Christmas meats now – call Phil on 01959 523219, and collect on 22nd / 23rd December.

See the price list here. 



We are a licensed distributor of ‘The Golden Turkey’.

Kentish Turkeys sold in The Hop Shop are from slow-growing, old-fashioned breeds that provide a succulent flavour. They are reared to full maturity on a natural cereal-based diet, free from antibiotics and growth promoters. The birds are hung for up to 3 weeks in a temperature-controlled room and dry-plucked by hand to ensure the skin becomes deliciously crisp when roasted.

All our turkeys are free-range, reared and processed by dedicated farmer John Howe in Tenterden

John provides the very best in animal welfare and this is reflected in the quality of the meat.


Castle Farm Beef

Castle Farm’s popular home-reared beef has an ever-growing reputation for superb flavour and tenderness.

Castle Farm has a herd of about 240 cattle made up of native European breeds includ- ing Aberdeen Angus, Devon, Sussex, Lim- ousin, Charolais and Simmental. They are reared on the lush meadows or steep grass- lands of our beautiful Darenth Valley. In win- ter they enjoy the comfort of our purpose- built ‘Roundhouse’ – the ultimate in cattle luxury, designed to the highest standards of animal welfare.

The meat is hung for a minimum of 3 weeks so please place Christmas orders as early as possible. Castle Farm beef is supplied frozen and retains its natural colour, taste and ten- derness.


Reared in the local countryside and naturally free-range!


Our Geese are supplied by Whews Farm in Attleborough, Norfolk. The slow-growing, traditional breedsa are reared indoors for their first few weeks before being turned out to grass and woodland. By late Autumn, the geese are fully mature, having benefitted from the goodness of grass, oats and wheat that contribute to their succulent taste.


British Free range ducks. One duck should feed 4 people.



Our close friends, George and Amanda Streatfeild from Denhay Farms in Dorset have supplied us with their superb Christmas gammons for over 15 years. What makes the gammons exceptional is that they are dry- cured so they can be roasted. There is no need to soak or boil!

The gammons are produced from British out- door-reared pigs and supplied as uncooked boned and rolled joints, either unsmoked or smoked.

Pre-order your Christmas meats now – call Phil on 01959 523219, and collect on 22nd / 23rd December.

See the price list here. 

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