Luxe Kentish Lavender Hand Cream


Keep your hands soft and moisturised with The Hop Shop’s Kentish Lavender Hand Cream.

This nourishing hand cream is made with Kentish Lavender Oils, Sweet Almond Oil, pure lavender water (from the distillation process) and English beeswax. With this cream’s all natural, soothing ingredients, your hands get the tender loving care they deserve during and after a day’s work.

Apply a touch of the cream to your hands and perform a gentle massage to leave them soft and perfumed. The beeswax in the cream can soothe insect bites, while the Lavender’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties is great for soothing and hydrating the skin, and even can be used by those with eczema. Simply reapply the cream throughout the day to keep your hands feeling smooth, supple and moisturised.

Our Lavender Hand Cream makes a great gift for any occasion. It goes well with other toiletries such as the Breathe Easy Balm, Kentish Lavender Bath Oil and the All Natural Kentish Lavender Soap.

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