A Kentish bedtime special, this soothing Sleepy Tea flowery blend is a combination of Chamomile and Lavender flowers with Rose petals and Kentish hops. A mixture of traditional herbal sleep remedies to help relax you before sleeping. Have a cup before in the evening to help calm and soothe. 

Brew using water just off-the-boil and drink without milk. This is the loose leaf version – i you prefer Tea Bags – shop here for our Sleepy Tea Teabags

Buy Sleepy Tea from The Hop Shop – all our tea blends are created exclusively for us by an inspired local Master Tea Blender, and many of the ingredients (including the Hops and Lavender), are grown on our farm in Kent. 

This is a tea to help you sleep – but pair with a few drops of our 100% Sleepy Scent for ultimate relaxation – put a few drops of Sleepy Scent on a tissue by the side of your pillow to help you drift off naturally. See the Natural Sleep page for more information.

NB – currently awaiting new stock of Sleepy Tea – orders will be despatched from 1st November. 

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