Enjoy a good night’s sleep and relax with The Hop Shop’s natural lavender scented sleep pillow.  This pillow is filled with our own unique blend of Kentish hop flowers and lavender blooms.

This lavender Sleep Pillow is designed to lull you into a deep slumber as you inhale its delicate fragrance.

Approx. 300x425mm.

Lavender has long been associated with rest and relaxation. For centuries, this medicinal flower was used for its soothing properties, which helps ease anxiety and calm the nervous system. Hops have also been used throughout history to fight insomnia – combining the two gives excellent results!

Lavender’s heady scent is said to increase slow-wave sleep, which is the deepest phase of our sleep cycle. During this phase, your heartbeat slows, your muscles relax, and your brain rests. This deep slumber is what helps us feel refreshed and invigorated when we wake.

To use our Kentish Hop and Lavender Sleep Pillow, simply place it on top of your normal pillow inside your usual pillowcase. When you go to bed, inhale deeply and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that our pillow provides.

The fragrance will fade with use so we recommend replacing the mix every 3-6 months if you sense its effectiveness is diminishing, or alternatively top up with a few drops of our effective Sleepy Scent.

The Hop Shop at Castle Farm is the largest Lavender Farm in the UK – harvesting over 100 acres of the stunning purple crop. Our dried flowers have won Gold Medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and been featured on film sets, at photo shoots and in theatre set design. Buy with confidence from the dried flower experts.

See the Natural Sleep page for more information.

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