Lavender Cooking Collection – Essence & Flowers


Lavender gives an exquisite, delicate flavour to baking and cooking. This culinary Lavender pack gives you everything you need for cooking with lavender. Our English lavender heads (flowers) are taken directly from Castle Farm fields and hold a pretty dark blue colour, delicate scent and sweet taste. We harvest only a high-grade variety of lavandula angustifolia, suitable for cooking.

The Lavender Cooking Collection contains;

  • 10ml bottle of ‘Hot’ Culinary Lavender Essence (for high temperature use in baking, jams etc.).
  • 10ml bottle of ‘Cold’ Culinary Lavender Essence (for ice creams, cold desserts and drinks).
  • 25gm packet of English Culinary Lavender Flowers. (Please note flowers photographed are in glass jar, but for postage they are transferred to a clear soft bag to ensure a safe arrival)!

See the Cooking with Lavender page for more information.

Delivery and Shipping Information

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