Pumpkin season begins in Kent!

The pumpkin patch on Castle Farm takes residence on a sunny side of the Darenth Valley, and every year in September and October, the large green leaves wilt back to expose the most beautiful array of pumpkin varieties.

Hand cut and carefully loaded onto a trailer, we bring them over to The Hop Shop -allowing you to choose between the wonderful varieties.

Grown on our family farm

We pride ourselves on growing a huge number of weird and wonderful pumpkin and squash varieties at Castle Farm! Many varieties that you will not find in the supermarkets, and heritage varieties perfect for seasonal Autumnal  cooking…

This year we are growing; Rolet / Gem Squash, Sweet Lightning, Onion Squash, Turks Turban, Harlequin, tiny Gold Dust, grey Crown Prince and new for this year – white Snowman and Casperita pumpkins and Spaghetti Squash!

Quite the Autumnal line up!

To eat or to decorate?

All our pumpkins are edible, but also really popular to use as Autumnal decorations at home, at events and harvest festivals.

Come down and get inspired to make healthy Autumnal soups, spicy pumpkin curries or roasted squash. Do a Harvest decoration for your doorsteps too!

All our pumpkins are available to purchase through the Farm Shop – The Hop Shop at Castle Farm. Some are sold by weight, others are priced per pumpkin.

The Hop Shop is open DAILY – filled with farm foods, seasonal produce, gifts and decorations.

Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-5pm. We hope you can visit us soon!

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