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The Hop Shop offers unique Lavender Tea and Lavender Food products which are produced by local suppliers using our high-quality Kentish Lavender grown here on Castle Farm.

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The Hop Shop’s bespoke range of specialist Lavender teas and herbal infusions has been designed by a Master Tea Blender using the finest ingredients from around the world – including some of Castle Farm’s own Kentish Lavender, rosemary and hops.

Our range offers a selection of teas to suit all times of day; from a Morning Booster Tea (with white tea and invigorating herbs) to pick you up in the morning, through to our beautiful Sleepy Tea which is perfect for a nightcap. Our Sleep Tea is a huge favourite with our customers and staff, it is a delicate, calming herbal mix of camomile, lavender, rose petals and hops. With its soothing taste, this tea is perfect as a bedtime brew.

Lavender Grey Tea is an afternoon favourite – a Sri Lankan black tea that is flavoured with Bergamot and complemented by gentle lavender flowers. Perfect for a summer tea-time with cakes and Lavender Shortbreads.

If you are after a herbal infusion, then Peppermint and Lavender Tea is the best choice – it clears the palate and settles the digestion with peppermint, enlivened by sweet lavender and Lavandin flowers.


The Hop Shop offersa selection of carefully chosen lavender foods – perfect as gifts, or just as a treat for you! You can indulge with our Lavender Shortbread Biscuits or our decadent dark Lavender Chocolate, or try our range of Lavender Goupie, a chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch.

Alternatively – get your creative chef hat on and use our specially selected Culinary Lavender Heads for cooking or our culinary Lavender Essence – created from pure Kentish oils grown and distilled at Castle Farm.


Can’t think of what to get as a gift? Why don’t you consider our lavender gift hamper? The gift hamper comes with a lavender tea bags, several unique tea snacks, lavandin in an organza bag and a lavender sunset tea towel. These items wouldn’t be complete without an aromatherapy massage gift voucher!

The Hop Shop truly provides an abundant selection of lavender food and teas. If you want to know more about what we have in store for you, feel free to browse through our other products below. Lavender Food and Lavender Tea await you!