Baby Lavender plants safely in the soil

This week the team have been busy planting new Lavender fields.

These Lavender plants are ‘Folgate’ our famous deep blue flower – the same variety that grows in the field with our lovely Lavender bench.


Lavender only has a productive lifetime of about 15-18 years, so we always rotate fields and plant new growth.


Once the baby plants arrive, we need to ensure they are well watered before taking them out to the fields to be planted.

Every little plant needs to be carefully planted and watered at a precise point up every single row… and every single row needs to be perfectly straight! That is where our clever GPS led tractors come to the fore…


Here is the Lavender planter hard at work…


Once safely in the ground, we have to check and fill any gaps, and then due to the recent dry weather, we have to painstakingly hand water each and every one of the 17,000 new plants!

But with our expert love and care, they will grow from strength to strength!

Until we harvest for precious Castle Farm Lavender Oil… in a few years time once the plants have matured.

Our Lavender Harvester at work

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