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Due to the hot weather in the Spring – we have experienced a flush of early ripening from our apples! For the first time ever we opened our orchard gates in August, but they will continue to be open on Fridays and weekends throughout September. Bring family and friends and enjoy picking straight from the tree – they taste SO much better than their supermarket cousins.

Our most popular apples are the Norfolk Royals – sweet, juicy and full of flavour – the picture-perfect, big, juicy, red eating apple. We also have lovely Cox Apples which will ripen in early September.
Open Friday, Saturday and Sundays until early October
10am – 5pm
A short walk from the farm shop, and with a dedicated car park, our orchard is a perfect family weekend visit! There is no charge to enter the orchard – just pay for what you pick!

Norfolk Royal Apples

Few people have heard of the Norfolk Royal apple and indeed, as far as we know, Castle Farm is the only commercial grower of this rare and beautiful variety. (It is one of the few apple trees that will grow happily on the chalky soils of the North Downs.) Ripening in early September, the apple is a distinctive bright red and develops a natural waxy skin as it matures. Sweet, juicy and full of flavour, it is best eaten fresh from the tree (or as early in the season as possible). When cooked is has a soft consistency like Bramleys – but much, much sweeter.We supply a few boxes of apples to markets around the country in September, but it’s not the sort of apple that you will find in a supermarket because it bruises easily and won’t withstand rough handling.

Cox Apples

For keeping and storing, you need to buy our traditional Cox apples which are grown on alternate rows in the same orchard. Small and flavoursome, they are ideal for lunchboxes or as children’s snacks.