New farm activity sheets for our little visitors!

We love seeing kids of all ages enjoying Caste Farm, so have developed these free little activity sheets to help keep them entertained this summer when you visit!

Download the activity sheets at home and bring them with you when you visit, or pick up a free copy when you arrive!

The worksheets are designed to be fun, informal and help children take a moment to appreciate their surroundings and the environment they are visiting. There are no prizes and we won’t mark your worksheets – we just want to see you enjoying them together as a family.

For all our little budding artists out there, we have a ‘Colour the Castle Farm Lavender’ sheet – bring out their artistic skills as they take in the purple view of the fields.

And for the observant ones, nature lovers and budding farmers… a ‘Castle Farm Spot and See’ sheet with questions of things to spot, notice and appreciate on a trip to the countryside!

Castle Farm Spot & See Worksheet

Colour the Castle Farm Lavender

We will have some colouring pencils you can borrow, and some recycled cardboard clipboards, but please return them once complete as we don’t have bottomless supplies of either! If you remember, it would be super helpful if you could bring your own from home.

Please remember, we are a busy working farm, with tractors and heavy machinery, please keep little visitors under control. All spotting and seeing can be done from the permitted paths near the shop. Please do not enter any fields or go in the river!

You can find the Answers for the Activity Sheet here

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