Introducing… our new look Hop Shop TEAS. Now online

We are happy to introduce our new-look Hop Shop Tea range…!

At The Hop Shop… we love tea! Our unique range of specialist teas and herbal infusions, has been designed by a Master Tea Blender, using the finest high-grade ingredients from around the world… and some of Castle Farm’s own ingredients too.

The range includes:

Kentish Sleepy Tea – drift off to sleep with this relaxing blend of camomile, Kentish Lavender and soporific hops.

Lavender Grey Tea – a smooth and fragrant blend to perfectly compliment afternoon tea.

Peppermint & Lavender Tea – Clear the palate and settle the digestion with this refreshing peppermint tea, enlivened by Kentish Lavender and Lavandin.

Gentle Chai Tea – A smooth and uplifting tea, which has been developed with natural ingredients and sweet spices.

Morning Booster Tea – Delicate white tea, blended with invigorating Kentish Lavandin, Lemongrass and Echinacea for a revitalising start to the day.

Brilliant Breakfast Tea – Our high-grade, everyday blend of smooth black tea. A cup of tea to enjoy anywhere, anytime. (Available only from September 2018).

We are committed to reducing our plastic waste, and our new packaging is part of this move – as we step away from the plastic pouch packaging that we had used for years. Our Teas now come designed in a beautiful cardboard box – destined to look lovely in your kitchen cupboard!

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