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What our customers say

The BBC2 programme by James Wong, first broadcast in March 2009, recommended the use of hop and lavender flowers to make hop pillows and The Hop Shop was instantly inundated with orders and enquiries. The response from users was overwhelmingly and consistently positive to the entire product range, with many recommendations and repeat orders. As the result of such a powerful vote of confidence, The Hop Shop is now looking to conduct quantifiable research into the perceived benefits.

We have therefore devised a 2-part questionnaire: the first part asks you to assess your current sleep patterns and the factors that you think influence the quality of your sleep. The second part, to be completed after using the Natural Sleep products for at least a week, is designed to assess any changes. We hope that if enough people complete the questionnaire, which several doctors have helped us to write, we will be able to take the project further.

If you would like to take part in our questionnaire, please see below:

PART ONE – fill out before you start using The Hop Shop’s sleep products.

PART TWO – complete after using any of our sleep products for more than a week.

Some feedback from our customers:

“Great to have a positive effect from natural things rather than medication from a G.P.”

“I feel much better than if I take prescription drugs which I have not done for a month or so.”

“I had no idea it would be as effective as it was!”

“I highly recommend it – my children use it when necessary. It works fast and I love the relaxed deep sighy feeling it gives when my head hits the pillow.”

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