Keeping Castle Farm running through COVID-19

Part of our difficult decision to close our on-farm shop, was because we understand how important it is to concentrate all our resources full time on maintaining food production.

In such difficult & uncertain times, it will be more important than ever to keep the farm running smoothly.

So.. what have we been doing?


After an incredibly wet winter (preventing field work).. we are out full force to ensure we can get a spring crop in the ground.

Contact is kept to an absolute minimum across the farm. All the drivers are essentially ‘in isolation’ in allocated vehicles & tractors are not shared throughout the day.


Preparing the soil with a power harrow, ahead of sowing Spring Barley. Because of the wet Winter – Spring Barley is one of the few crops that we can sow this late in the season. We now want a little rain to dampen the seeds, and lots of warm sunshine to bring on growth!

Last year we were growing peas in this field. All arable crops are rotated every year.

Looking after the crops

Applying nutrients to the soil.. this is important to help to build protein in the wheat grains.


Plus there are cattle to be fed…

Our Livestock Manager is continuing to look after our Castle Farm Beef Herd. During Winter they have shelter in our state-of-the-art roundhouse.

Hopefully in the next few months the cattle will make their way out onto the water meadows in the valley.. but we need some of the flooding to disappear first!

The Orchard

Our Norfolk Royal apple trees are being pruned and cared for. This ensures healthy growth and plenty of fruit come September.


At this time of year the Lavender is conserving its energy.. ready to start bursting forward with new growth as the the weather slows starts to warm up. We like to think of it as ‘sleeping lavender’ at the moment!

And the rest of the farm is very quiet at the moment…

Please everyone, stay safe, stay home and stay positive! We look forward to welcoming you back to Castle Farm again soon.

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