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Uses of Hops

Uses of Hops

Hops have a wonderful variety of uses – not just for a pint of beer (although Kentish beer does taste pretty good!).


Wound along poles or pipes, draped along beams, or laid over dressers,  hop bines are a lovely, natural feature in any space – kitchens, pubs, restaurants or marquees – and have even been used on film and TV sets and won gold medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. See pictures of our hops decorating homes, pubs and venues on our Hops for Decoration page. Compare with other flowers or foliage, they are fantastic value for money.


Versatile, cost effective, and beautifully striking, The Hop Shop’s bushy, green, 3 metre long garlands, are often used at weddings, around church entrances or inside marquees, old barns and fashionable tipis to create an informal rustic atmosphere. They can usefully cover unsightly structures, cabling or metal bars as well as adding luxuriant atmosphere and colour. See pictures of our hops at weddings and events on our Hops for Decoration page.


Fast growing and extremely hardy, hop plants are used in gardens to cover walls, fences and unsightly structures or to trail over pergolas. We offer a few of the best varieties for you to grow at home. Have a look at Hops for the Garden for more information.


  • Known as ‘Poor Man’s Asparagus’, young hop shoots, cut in April when they are less than 15cm long, can be gently fried in butter and garlic for salads or as a garnish for fish. In baking, a tiny pinch of hop flowers (ground in a coffee grinder) can add a distinctive zing to savoury biscuits, but don’t overdo it – hops are very bitter!
  • Small quantities of hops can be used as an ingredient in herbal teas to aid relaxation. Our special Sleepy Tea with hops, chamomile, lavender and rose petals is available by Mail Order.
  • We sell hop flowers for the home-brewer too. Our hop flowers are of the aromatic Fuggles variety. They are dried on the same day that they have been harvested and are stored in the dark in dehumidified stores to retain the best colour and quality. Unlike hops supplied for commercial brewing, which need to be tightly packed for storage, our hops are unpressed therefore minimising loss of the aromatic oils.


Relaxing and sleep-inducing, hops have been used for centuries to encourage sleep.  Our beautiful calming ‘Sleepy Scent’, Sleep Balm and Sleepy Tea all combine the soporific elements of both hops and lavender. Hop flowers and lavender can also be used in Sleep Pillows. Have a look at our Hops for Sleep page for more information.

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