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Hops for Sleep

Restful sleep is critical to your health, mind, well-being and mood.

The hop is a member of the Cannabaceae family, traditionally used for relaxation and to treat insomnia. And we aren’t just talking about having a beer to send you to sleep! Read old books on herbal remedies and you will always find reference to both hops and lavender being good for sleep – and for many years customers have been asking us for hop flowers to make sleep pillows and lavender oils to aid relaxation.

At The Hop Shop, it was therefore obvious to use our Kentish grown hops and lavender to develop an exclusive range of natural sleep aids – and they have proved incredibly popular with our customers, with many repeat orders and personal recommendations. Go through to our Natural Sleep page where you can read all about our famous ‘Sleepy Scent’, Sleepy Balm, Sleepy Tea, Sleep Pillow Mix and dried hop flowers.

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