Hi Honey…

It is thought if local honey is taken on a daily basis it will build up a resistance to pollen for hay fever sufferers… so if you are looking for a local honey, then we can help!

We stock a number of different honeys, all collected for us by friendly Kent bee-keepers.  Our ever-popular Lavender Honey sells like hotcakes…. (tastes good on hotcakes too…) so pick up a pot when you are next in the shop (we do not sell our Honey online).

We have a number of bee hives across our fields, and the bees buzz happily throughout the flowers all season. People always ask us if we get stung.. and the answer is, hardly ever – the bees are far too content with their little purple flowers. And if we do get stung, then it’s straight to the First Aid box to put on some of our First Aid Lavender Oil which helps ease the pain and has high levels of antiseptic to encourage healing.

This special Kent Honey Royale (available from the shop only) is made with added pollen to help boost your defences!

If you do experience hay fever – try our Breathe Easy Balm, an innovative little pot to help ease blocked noses, soothe sore skin and reduce the effects of hay fever.⁣

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