Fresh Lavender bunches from the Garden of England

Our fresh hand-cut bunches of sweet scented Castle Farm Lavender and strong, long-lasting Lavandin are available direct from the farm from the end of June until the end of July… so treat yourself to some bundles of fragrance.

Just £3.50 per (big) bunch or 4 for £12.

But… how do you best care for your fresh Lavender once you get it home? Read on to find out…

Fresh Lavender on Castle Farm

Want to get the best from your fresh Lavender? If you need to make it last a couple of days and use it fresh for a special event, keep it cool in a fridge for as long as possible.

Unlike other cut flowers, you don’t need to stand Lavender in water – it’s evolved to survive in dry conditions!

Hand cut each day on our family farm in Kent

Cutting fresh Lavender from our fields in Kent

To preserve your fresh Castle Farm Lavender, separate the stems into small bunches and hang them up to dry in a warm place, preferably out of direct light to keep the green colour of the stems (you can also use one of our lovely rustic Lavender Drying Racks – which take up to five bunches of Lavender).

Once dry, you can arrange the stems in a vase or make a beautiful heart wreath. It’ll last for ages… and so will the scent. As the scent starts to fade, just add a few drops of our Lavender Oil to keep it smelling sweet!

If you want to put your Lavender straight into a vase, choose a big container with no water, take off the rubber band and spread out the stems so that the air can get to them (otherwise you risk them going mouldy).

Fresh Lavender bunches outside The Hop Shop

Fresh Lavender Bunches outside The Hop Shop

Once your Lavender has dried out.. you can keep them for the scent and decoration.

If you want to use the flowers for cooking, gently rub out the dry flower buds and keep them in a sealed jar. Lavender is perfect for flavouring biscuits, cakes, jams or puddings. The sharper flavoured Lavandin is a traditional ingredient in Herbes de Provence and great to add to roast vegetables or barbecued meats for a summer treat.

And to really enjoy memories of a summer evening, add a sprig of lavender to decorate your favourite cocktail – it’s especially good with gin!

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