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Dried Flowers

In the 1990’s, The Hop Shop was a major producer of dried flowers, growing over 50 different varieties and winning many awards, including 5 consecutive RHS Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Caroline Alexander’s book ‘Flowers Cut and Dried‘ (published in 1999 in the UK, Europe, America and Australia) was a definitive account of the specific varieties, harvesting stages and drying procedures necessary to produce the best quality.

The Hop Shop still retains all that expertise but we specialize in a smaller range.

Bunches of dried flowers are available in the shop or by Mail Order throughout the year. Bouquets and arrangements can be made to order (for collection from the shop only).

Selected varieties of flowers and grasses such as lavender, lavandin, wheat, barley, poppy seedheads, hydrangeas and maize cobs can be ordered on-line for UK delivery. There is a minimum total of 6 bunches per order.

If you have a specific request for a variety not listed or would like advice on your selection, please email or telephone. More varieties may be available direct from the shop.

For trade enquiries just click here.

Wheatsheaves and Stooks

Stooks and sheaves, made from green or golden wheat, can be ordered in various sizes and can be further decorated with lavender or other flowers.

Our stooks are free-standing arrangements of spiralled stalks of wheat. The sheaves are flat-backed displays designed to be hung on a wall. Both are always popular for weddings, table centres, shop window displays and harvest festivals.

You can buy our wheat sheaves and stooks through the online shop.

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