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Christmas Time

Come Christmas shopping in the country – easy parking and no crowds!

Christmas at the shop starts quietly in September with the arrival of a range of gifts so you can start to browse and gather your thoughts before the festive season gets fully underway. Candles, table decorations and serviettes will help you plan your seasonal colour theme. Natural garlands, tree ornaments and door wreaths are on display from early November, allowing you to personalise your Christmas and create a truly festive atmosphere at home. Our food range increases to include cranberry sauces, gift packs of preserves, goose fat, brandy butter, chestnut stuffing, cinnamon stars and the brilliant and ever-popular mince pies that look home-made! Treat yourself (and others) to our selection. You can make up your own gift hampers from our selection of baskets or take advantage of our expertise to do them for you. From single, personalised hampers of foods or lavender toiletries through to corporate orders for Kentish produce, we are happy to oblige.

Christmas Meats

We can provide you with succulent beef, tasty turkeys, gorgeous geese and superb smoked gammon – there’s a wonderful range of Christmas meats to treat your family.

  • Extra-large joints of beef, ribs-on-the-bone or rolled sirloins can be ordered in advance. (If the meat is to be hung for the usual 3 weeks we need to plan ahead to make sure we have plenty for everyone.)
  • Free-range bronze turkeys, produced in Kent, have a loyal following of customers returning to us year after year – many people remarking that they are the best turkeys they have ever tasted.
  • The gammons are supplied to us as a special favour by our farming friends in Dorset and the flavour is superb. (The smoked gammons are a special annual treat…so order extras and freeze them!)
  • Our specialist supplier of geese is Monkshill Farm near Whitstable. In daytime the geese roam a large 6 acre field that surrounds their safe night-time enclosure. The birds are all processed and prepared on the farm.
  • The pheasants are reared locally and are naturally free-range!

See our Christmas Meats Price List .

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