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Castle Farm Beef

Reared to high welfare standards and air-dried for 3 weeks, ensuring superb quality and taste.

Castle Farm has a herd of about 240 cattle made up of native European breeds including Aberdeen Angus, Devon, Sussex, Limousin, Charolais and Simmental. The calves are from small herds born near the Kent and Sussex marshes. Then, from the age of six months, they are reared on the lush meadows or steep grasslands of our beautiful Darenth Valley. In winter they enjoy the comfort of our purpose-built ‘Roundhouse’ – the ultimate in cattle luxury, designed to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Our livestock manager, David, knows each animal individually and ensures that the cattle are always healthy and content. Each animal is selected when in its prime and the meat is hung for three weeks to mature and develop its full flavour.

Sometimes customers ask us if our beef is organic – our response is to point through the windows of our shop to the cattle contentedly grazing in the meadows and explain that our management system is very low-input but not strictly organic. Welfare is our priority for the cattle and taste is our priority for the customers!

How to buy

Castle Farm Beef is conveniently vacuum-packed as roasting joints, steaks, braising or mince and sold frozen from the shop, alongside delicious meat pies. Special cuts, such as ribs of beef, rolled sirloins, t-bone steaks or whole fillets, or fresh Beef can be pre-ordered by phone. Because the beef is hung, air-dried for three weeks and then vacuum packed, there is no deterioration in quality from freezing.

For Christmas, you can start placing orders as soon as you want, but it is really helpful if customers can give us at least 3 – 4 weeks notice to ensure we can plan efficiently to set aside exactly what everyone needs. Many families rely on us for their most important meal of the year – so we take our responsibilities very seriously!

Castle Farm Beef is Red Tractor Food approved – traceable, safe and farmed with care.

About our Roundhouse

Castle Farm was one of the first farms in the UK to install a state-of-the-art Roundhouse for our cattle. The all–circular building with no walls and a high tensile canvas roof with a vent-hole in the centre has scooped dozens of awards for innovation and its  good looks.TA026_

The interior space creates a very calm, relaxed, airy and healthy environment for our animals who have continual access to food and water.

You can see our Roundhouse for yourself if you head on the beautiful walk along the footpath through Dunstall Farm in the Otford Hills.


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