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Best thing for mind, body and soul? Get more sleep!

Imagine you could take a pill which would help you; – Loose weight – Improve concentration and productivity – Decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke – Improve your mood and reduce the risk of depression – Improve your immune functions – Improve your body’s inflammatory responses Sounds pretty magical eh? Well, all of the above have […]

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Sleep Well with our Natural Sleep Range

✨SLEEP WELL✨|| Don’t you just love our new Tea packaging?! We are slowly rolling out this beautiful new packaging, which is more environmentally friendly that our previous plastic packages. Stay tuned for more on our updated tea range soon (we are just getting it photographed)… in the meantime, its all […]

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The perfect nights’ sleep..

All you need when its time for sleep. Our unique formula of Kentish lavender and hops to relax and help you drift off to a restful sleep. A cup of Sleepy Tea, some Sleepy Scent on a tissue by your bed, or Sleepy Balm on the soles of your feet.. […]

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