Posted on 25th March 2018 by

Thankfully the grass is starting to grow again in the water meadows after a very wet Winter. Hopefully the ground will dry out soon and the young cattle can enjoy some fresh grazing! In the meantime, the cattle enjoy our state of the art ‘Roundhouse’ building.

We had a visiting study group from Iowa State University here last week to see our Roundhouse building at Dunstall Farm (where the cattle are over-wintered) and to learn about our beef enterprise.

The Roundhouse is specially designed for high health and animal welfare and, being an airy open-sided building, was a new concept for the students. In Iowa they have very deep winter snow!

If you would like to pre-order joints of beef or special cuts for Easter weekend please call by 5pm Tuesday 27th March on 01959 523219 or pop into the shop!