Best thing for mind, body and soul? Get more sleep!

Imagine you could take a pill which would help you;

– Loose weight
– Improve concentration and productivity
– Decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke
– Improve your mood and reduce the risk of depression
– Improve your immune functions
– Improve your body’s inflammatory responses

Sounds pretty magical eh? Well, all of the above have been directly linked to getting more shut eye. We have become a society of nocturnal activeness, checking phones, and watching Netflix, giving us unsettled and broken sleep – not good in the short term, or the long term. The New York Post even reported that losing just two hours of sleep makes you angrier!

Along with nutrition, good sleep is one of the pillars of health… it is so important to get a restful night, so that your body and brain can function with upmost efficiency the next day.

Well… here is our answer (and one that thousands of our customers stand by)…

Read old books on herbal remedies and you will always find reference to both Hops and Lavender being good for sleep.  We grow both of these on Castle Farm, so combining the two has given us a powerful natural sleep aid.

The soporific qualities of Kentish hops, from our century old hop gardens, and relaxing drops of our iconic Kentish Lavender have been carefully combined in our relaxing range;

Sleepy Scent 
This is a subtle and totally calming scent using 4 essential oils. It is very concentrated so you only need a few drops or sprays on a handkerchief next to your pillow at night. In particular, feedback from Sleepy Scent and Sleepy Pillow Spray users seems to suggest that it increases the speed of going to sleep and encourages deeper, longer periods of sleep in people suffering from sleep disorders. It’s great for long-haul flights too!

Our Hop Shop Sleepy Range is a bedroom essential

Sleepy Balm
A gentler scent made from the same Sleepy Scent compound, this Sleepy Balm can be massaged into the temples or, very effectively into the soles of the feet.

Sleepy Tea
A great favorite amongst our staff and customers. The Sleepy Tea is a delicate, calming herbal mix of chamomile, lavender, rose petals and hops, and is perfect for a nice calming cuppa before bedtime.

A cup of Sleepy Tea before bed

Sleep Pillow or Sleepy Pillow Mix
Our Lavender Sleep Pillow and Mix is a balanced combination of hops and sweet-scented Lavandula angustifolia, there is enough here to make a thin pad that can be placed on top of your usual pillow and held in place by your pillowcase. It can be supplemented with Sleepy Scent to balance the fragrance.

Our Sleep Pillow with 100% natural Lavender and hops

At the same time as using our lovely Sleepy products, we also recommend;

• Going to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Maintain a routine and rhythm.
• Understanding your sleep requirements. Most people need about  six / eight hours sleep for normal memory and brain function.
• Spending some time in natural light during the day. This helps promote melatonin production in your body.
• Creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Make your bedroom cool, quiet and dark.
• Limiting screen time. Avoid watching television, studying, eating or working in bed.
• Feel relaxed and warm before going bed. Reading a book or taking a warm bath with Lavender Bath Oil will help you unwind and de-stress before bedtime. Or having a cup of Sleepy Tea of course!

And the connection with weight? If you have a good night’s sleep you’ll have more energy the next day so you’ll naturally be more active and less tempted to graze on unhealthy snacks.


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