Baby Lavender plants in the soil

We have been busy planting over 30,000 new Lavender plants into Castle Farm soil this month. Lavender plants only have a productive life of about 15-18 years so we need to constantly rotate fields and crops to maintain our oil harvest.

Once the baby plants arrive, we carefully look after them and keep them watered until we get a good day to plant the Lavender. We are currently planting a variety which we have exclusively developed, and which gives us an exceptionally fragranced Lavender Oil when we harvest.

On a sunny dry day, our planting team get to work, carefully planting and watering each little plant as it gets placed in the soil. Lavender particularly loves our soil here on Castle Farm because it is free-draining and slightly chalky.

The tractor we use has a clever GPS system which means we can plant perfectly straight rows, which in turn are helpful to our harvester come July.

Once in the soil, we carefully check each plant to ensure it is well set for growth. In dry years, we will need to then hand-water each and every one in turn to ensure successful growth – because they are so small their roots are not yet strong enough to survive a harsh hot summer. Last year was a particularly hard year for new Lavender due to the hot conditions, but regular watering at least twice a week saw us through!

From here, with some love and attention, these little plants can grow from strength to strength.

They start to produce Lavender flowers (usually in year two), which we can harvest  for our precious, iconic Lavender Oil or for cut Lavender bunches.

To find out more about planting Lavender in your garden – please click here!

Our Lavender Harvester at work

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