Autumn Wreath inspiration

Door Wreaths are not just for Christmas (although if you do want a one, join our of our workshops in December)!… Autumn is also a lovely time of year to go foraging in the garden and hedgerows for colourful leaves and flowers to make your own wreath.

Start with a wire frame, and wrap hessian or material around the frame…. as shown below. This gives you a nice even base. Don’t forget to add a loop to the back to use later when you want to hang the wreath on the door.

Then take individual handfuls of your chosen foliage and start wrapping it onto the frame using floristy wire.

You can get both the wire frame, and reel wire in the shop at Castle Farm.

Keep adding and building up your wreath using foliage and flowers to keep an even shape all the way round. Here we have used hydrangeas, lovely bright pink Nerina Lilies, green bay leaves and various other foraged foliage!

Keep tightening the reel wire as you make your way around – but don’t cut it each time you add a new bunch / spray of leaves… keep wrapping the wire around until you have made a complete circle.

If you have gaps or uneven points, you can thread through extra accessories (like mini pumpkins, cinnamon sticks or bundles of leaves).

One you have finished, you can add a bow (if wished), but we kept this wreath simple and plain letting the beautiful Autumn hues shine through.

Have fun!

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