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Wondering where to buy Hop plants? The Hop Shop offers several varieties of Hop plants for sale, for you to grow in your own garden or tub. ALL OUR HOP PLANTS ARE CERTIFIED DISEASE-FREE – an important consideration when buying hops which can be susceptible to soil-borne viruses.

Hops are perennial plants known for their hardiness and fast growth. Hops thrive in rich, moist soils, and have roots that reach deep into the ground. Its vigorous growth and deep roots enable Hops to survive adverse weather conditions, from long summer droughts to cold winter frosts.

We offer four varieties of hops

  • Fuggles – OUT OF STOCK
  • Wye Challenger
  • Goldings – OUT OF STOCK
  • Chinook – OUT OF STOCK
  • Cascade – OUT OF STOCK
  • Golden Tassels (Dwarf) – OUT OF STOCK
  • Prima Donna (Dwarf ) – OUT OF STOCK

IF YOU HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR A SPECIFIC VARIETY, PLEASE RECORD THIS IN THE DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS BOX AT CHECKOUT. If you have no preference, we will dispatch the varieties that are available. If you have a smaller garden or plan on planting your hops in a tub, we recommend that you buy Prima Donna, which is a dwarf variety that grows only 3m per season.

When you buy hops from The Hop Shop, you will receive young hop setts or rhizomes which are bare rooted and must be planted immediately.

Uses of Hop Plants

  • Looking beautiful in your garden! Twirling up a pergola or trellis
  • Home- brewing – what could be more satisfying than growing your own hops and making your own pint as a result?!
  • When steeped in hot water, they produce a healing tea that aids digestion, soothes your stomach and helps you sleep.
  • You can cook and eat the young shoots and leaves, which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, high in fibre and a healthy addition to your diet.

Hop plants in pots can be purchased direct from the shop from early December to mid May. Hop plants despatched by Mail Order are sent as bare-rooted setts for immediate planting from early December to early April, when ground conditions are favourable. If you’d like a reminder of when our Hop Plants are available, please sign-up to The Hopshop Newsletter.

Orders for Christmas must be placed by Monday 18th December. Any orders placed after this point will be despatched in the New Year. 

For more information please see our Hop plants for the Garden, see here for MAIL ORDER Hop Plant Growing Instructions.


PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY BY 1st CLASS MAIL WITHIN THE UK. (Discounts apply for more than 10 plants so please contact us direct with your quantity request and delivery location.)

Hop Plants can be despatched into the EU (NOT OUTSIDE). Please e-mail sales@hopshop.co.uk with your total order requirements and delivery address. We will then respond with our pricing.

Delivery and Shipping Information

UK mainland shipping is included in the price of the product.

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