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Kentish Lavandin Oil Lavandula x intermedia extracted from our ‘Grosso’ plant variety which is grown and distilled on Castle Farm.

  • Good for room fragrancing in pot pourri, oil burners or candles.
  • Moth deterrent (add to washing powder in a machine or sprinkle in drawers to fragrance clothes and linens).
  • An insect repellent (safe for use directly on the skin).
  • Sprinkle inside sports shoes to keep them sweet!
  • Inhale a few drops on a handkerchief to help clear a stuffy nose or a drowsy head.
  • Sprinkle on pets’ bedding to discourage fleas.

If you are looking for something to relax and help you sleep, then try our Kentish Lavender Oil or Sleepy Scent.

See the Uses of Lavender & Lavandin page for more information.

Not for use in cooking – see Lavender Essences for our culinary Lavender. 

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