Posted on 12th September 2016 by

We are happy to announce that our delicious Norfolk Royal Apples will be ready to eat from Friday 16th September. We are the only registered Norfolk Royal orchard in the world – so come down and try what a real apple tastes like! Norfolk Royals are beautiful, big red, sweet, juicy apples….and you won’t find them in any supermarket.

The Norfolk Royal and Cox apples will be ready to pick from Friday 11th September and the orchards will be open for Pick You Own on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 5pm until the beginning to mid October.

Please note, on days when the weather is really wet and the ground conditions unsuitable for parking at the orchard, we may decide to close the orchard and only have apples available at the shop. If in doubt, phone to check – 01959 523219.